A beautiful set of begleri that are an absolute joy to spin.


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When we set out to make our first set of begleri, we wanted to try something we hadn’t seen before. After an exploratory prototyping period, we’ve arrived at an elegant design that is both natural and modern; elegantly curved and designed to take a relentless beating.

Abacus is designed with your hand in mind, allowing for easy gripping from any angle. The form takes inspiration from the shape of a raindrop both for its aesthetic and ergonomic benefits.

The properties of both materials are utilized to their fullest. The greater density of the aluminum helps to push the weight as far outward as the design allows. The resilience and slightly tacky texture of the delrin made it the perfect outer layer of abacus. The low friction coefficient between the Delrin and Aluminum creates a slack relief system that keeps the string from getting twisted on itself during use. This system functions much like a ball bearing would on some begleri designs that are available for 3 times the cost of abacus, though bearings aren’t waterproof and abacus is.


  • Weight: 12.6 grams/bead | 25.2 grams/set
  • Bead Diameter: .945 in | 24 mm
  • Bead Length: .927 in | 23.5 mm
  • Cord: 550


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