our skill toys

unmatched aesthetics

We appreciate the art of toy design. The form, colors and textures of our products are selected to compliment every style.

options for everyone

Whether you're a pro or you've never touched a skill-toy, we have options for you.

made to be used

Drop, ding, and dismantle our toys all you want. We use quality materials, and clever engineering to ensure that our toys will last.

never low on battery

Our products are 100% analog. Centrifugal force doesn't require wifi or an adapter.

our name

"ilinx" is the Greek word for whirlpool. Recently adopted by game theorists and sociologists, ilinx describes a form of play that is based in physical self disorientation. When studied and practiced, this form of play can induce a state of mind known as "flow". You may know flow as the feeling you get when you breeze through a test that you studied for all week, when you play a song just right for the first time, or when you score that seemingly impossible goal. Flow occurs when your skill level and the difficulty level of your task are equal; flow is the moment that your abilities break new ground on your limits. Skill-toys are flow generators as there is always something new to practice and master.


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