A chill pill for your pocket.

The design of melatonin is inspired by the hormone Melatonin and its sedative effects. The rims pillow outward and the curves in the hub flow like a billowed sheet.
The form is a little bit smaller and slimmer than average and will fit comfortably in your pocket. 
melatonin ships with a size C Center Trac bearing* and 19mm slim mouse pads, is machined from 6061 Aluminum, and is best enjoyed with a glass of warm milk.
Sales of this yoyo support the ‘kill your yoyo’ podcast as well as future projects that promote the concepts of yoyo performance and improvisation.
*CT used with permission from YoYoFactory


I'm enjoying it!

Just got a little time in with the melatonin so far, and I'm enjoying it. Compact, sort of comparable to the Good Life Valley, but narrower so more pocket friendly. Very smooth lines, but not an organic shape, more like a very comfortable V, which isn't something I've seen much of in the past couple of years. Nicely balanced weight profile so it spins up and down in a natural feeling way. Cool rounded cup with a little raised cup in the center that feels like it would be good for pull-starts. The sides feel pretty solid with no really thin areas that would easily be bent or damaged, which is also to sort of repeat from above that the weight seems to be fairly evenly distributed. Speaking of weight, I was surprised to see that it was 67g which sounds heavy for a small yo-yo, but it doesn't feel heavy while in play. The surface is very matte, comparable to the finish on the YYF Uppercut, which is probably 7.5/10 on the "shiny to Atmos" scale. Hard to really describe how a yo-yo plays in words, but the melatonin is unique in that it's not following any particular design trends but also isn't extreme in any sense either. It's a solid, comfortable and very capable yo-yo.

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