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A yoyo is only as good as it's pads. That's why we stock ours with mouse pads: the clear choice.

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After a few minutes of breaking in, these pads ensure a snappy bind for a satisfying end to your favorite routines. Mouse pads last several months with casual use and are crafted to the same exacting standards as any other premium yoyo pad. In fact the only difference between mouse pads and other premium yoyo pads is the price.

These pads are standard 19mm slim pads, so they'll fit all ilinx yoyos as well as most of the yoyos in your collection. To truly ensure that our pads look great in whatever yoyo you choose to put them in we chose to make them a neutral clear.

We don't believe in milking our customers for their money. While other brands upsell their customers by charging obscene prices for sticky slivers of silicon, we decided to offer bulk buying options. We are proud to offer you the most affordable premium yoyo pads on the market.


Changed how I think about pads

When choosing response pads, I had never really put much thought into them. I usually bought the first pair I could find that fit my throw that needed them. After trying out the Ilinx mousepads, my view on the matter has changed dramatically. These pads gave new life to my Onedrop Rev1. The thing used to absolutely eat through the response pads due to heavy use, but I have exclusively thrown it for about a week now with the Ilinx mousepads in with very little deterioration. My favorite thing about the mousepads is the grippiness of them. The Onedrop response pads have a tendency to be fairly slippy, resulting in messy regens, failed binds, and general sadness. I can say with confidence the mousepads made the yoyo more conducive to regens as well as giving it tighter binds without sacrificing the ability for the string to slip past the pads in tricks where you want it too (like kimkim pops). That being said I did have to break the pads in a bit before they got to their sweet spot. This took about an hour of casual play. Overall I am overjoyed with the performance of these pads, but even more look at that price! These pads come at a cheaper cost than any of the ones I have previously purchased, and they perform just as well if not better. Going forward, I cannot see myself buying anything these pads. Ross has done a truly great job with them.

Tl:dr; These pads provide excellent, long-lasting performance at a fraction of the cost of other commercially available response pads.

Erik Goes
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"I love the new pads!"

10/10 I love the new pads! I have been using these pads for a few days now, and I have noticed a few things. Regens are great and they have a firm grip with binds. Although they do not snag (even with dense string formations.) In my opinion they work best with normal or slim string. I would definitely get these again. Thanks ilinx!

Evan Landau
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"Incredible balance..."

These pads started off great but once they broke in they got even better. They have an incredible balance between snappy binds and zero snagging. Overall a quality product at the right price! Highly recommend.

Teak Porter
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I'm nothing but impressed

Over time I’ve begun to notice a lot of my yo-yo's response had started to slip and wear with use and had been considering buying replacement pads for a while. The main things keeping me from making a purchase were the sheer abundance of choices and the price for pads I wasn’t sure I would enjoy. Mouse pads made my decision infinitely easier by having the most affordable pads on the market (and ones actually in stock when you want them!). I originally bought 6 sets and threw them into my old yoyos the same day I got them, and I have to say I’m nothing but impressed. The pads are simple to install, they seem to set almost instantly so you don’t have to wait hours before using them, and they’re a snappy and consistent bind right out of the box. Since then I’ve tried a couple of other pads but always found that the difference between how they feel out of the box and how they feel after a break-in period wasn’t what I was looking for. I would say definitively that Mouse Pads are the best bang for your buck, and at their price I think everyone should try them.

Ben Naselius
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