Helix Pads 19mm Clear Silicone Yoyo Response

A yoyo is only as good as it's pads. That's why we stock ours with mouse pads: the clear choice.

$60.00 $20.00

After a few minutes of breaking in, these pads ensure a snappy bind for a satisfying end to your favorite routines. Helix Pads last several months with casual use and are crafted to the same exacting standards as any other premium yoyo pad. In fact the only difference between Helix Pads and other premium yoyo pads is the price.

These pads are standard 19mm slim pads, so they'll fit all Helix Throws yoyos as well as most of the yoyos in your collection. To truly ensure that our pads look great in whatever yoyo you choose to put them in we chose to make them a neutral clear.

We don't believe in milking our customers for their money. While other brands price gouge by charging obscene prices for sticky slivers of silicon, we decided to offer bulk buying options so you can buy once, cry once, and then never think about pads again. We are proud to offer you the most affordable premium yoyo pads on the market.


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